Monday, 24 December 2012

Tips Muet Speaking ^^

Task B 
· I agree with you. (NOT: I’m agree.)
· That’s a great idea!
· I see your point!
· That’s an interesting perspective.
· I like your suggestion.
· Indeed!
· I concur with your point of view.
· I’m sorry but I disagree.(NOT: I’m not agree)
· I’m afraid I have to disagree with your idea.
· I don’t see eye to eye with you.
· That’s not a good idea/suggestion.
· I beg to differ
· Excuse me, may I interrupt please.
· I’d like to add something please.
· May I say something?
· Could you please hear me out.
· Pardon me but could I add something please.
· So what do you think, Candidate X?
· How about your point of view?
· Candidate X, would you like to give us your opinion?
· Does anyone agree with me?
· Why don’t we consider the other points?
· I don’t understand, can you please repeat?
· Any suggestions?
· In conclusion, ALL OF US agree that…
· To conclude, MOST OF US agree that…
· In a nutshell, SOME OF US agree that…while SOME OF US prefer…
· As time is running out, it seems that ALL OF US CAN’T AGREE on which option is the best because each point has many advantages and disadvantages.

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